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Tear Drop Access Tag: The tear drop access tag is by far our most popular item. A cost effective solution, which is available in almost any colour! These sturdy, water resistant and robust tags offer a clear face to allow for upto a full colour print to maximise branding for your club. In the reverse side add the UDID number so you can uniquely identify each tag. More Info: http://www.fobsdirect.com.au/teardrop-access-fobs.html

Epoxy Tag: The Epoxy tag offers complete flexibility with both shape and design. An almost bulletproof tag – the epoxy coating means there is no scartching or fading of your design and the card will not bend or snap. Where this fob is unique is it allows for completely customised artwork, full colour both sides. Include website, phone number, barcode, logo etc. A great option for any 24/7 club. More Info: http://www.fobsdirect.com.au/rfid-epoxy-access-tags.html

Much like the epoxy tag, the credit card shape can be fully customised in terms of graphics. The only difference being the size. As this is a larger option, it is not as suited to the keyrings and therefore we have made this more flexible and ‘bendable’ so suits being inside a wallet or purse. More Info:http://www.fobsdirect.com.au/membership-swipe-access-cards.html